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Brandy's Video Special

RG-037 Scissor Challenge in Hose
Please remember that no other discounts apply to this special !!

Format: DVD or VHS PAL Format - Add $10.00
Price: $29.95

Featuring: Brandy vs. Savannah

This is one sexy battle of beautiful strong legs. Brandy in silky sheer nude thigh-highs and Savannah in shiny sheer to waist pantyhose.

The challenge begins with an arm wrestling test of strength, which goes to a draw with each girl winning a match. Savannah's muscular toned arms buldge as she struggles to beat Brandy. Moving to the floor of the apartment, Brandy challenges Savannah to a leg strength contest. Fierce action from the start with Brandy showing her opponent no mercy. Smothering, spanking, scissoring, breast and crotch action. She humiliates and defeats Savannah by overpowering her with her strong head and body leg scissors. Rubbing her sexy silky hose over Savannah's pantyhosed legs and crotch while holding her in a body scissors.

Pantyhose and scissors fans, this is a sexy match from start to finish!